Norfolk Lavender and More

imageedit_2_9265987869 (1).jpg

I have visited Norfolk Lavender on several occasions over the years and at different seasons. It is beautiful in the summer and full of scent. But has lots to offer the rest of the year as well. Our recent visit was pleasant and while the gardens were not in all of their glory, the lavender having been harvested, and the plants pruned, but the overall atmosphere was relaxing and peaceful.  There were some white peacocks wandering the site as well, which was a pleasant surprise to discover.

Norfolk Lavender is not just a gardens, however. The specialist garden centre is of good quality, and the variety of other shops on site give a chance to explore. This includes a number of lavender products, soaps and oils.  It also has a cafe/restaurant which offers nice locally produced fare at an okay price (and they make a good cuppa tea as well).

While as a mature couple, we had no overwhelming urge to check out Farmer Fred’s Adventure Play Barn, it does give families a place to round out their visit.

The farm shop is a satellite of the Walsingham Farm Shop which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. The Heacham branch is somewhat smaller but is really good quality and the local cakes, tarts, and cheeses are delicious.  It being pumpkin and squash season, the shop was full of multi-coloured examples in a range of sizes.  I was impressed by the large white pumpkins and the way they were displayed. We bought a pear tart, that did not have the “canned pear” tastelessness nor the “some sort of apple” indistinct taste. This was bursting with the flavour of fresh pear, and was worth the trip just for that. We also bought locally sourced chicken and produce, and a really outstanding goat’s cheese.

The deli counter had a wide assortment of goodies including sausage rolls and Scotch eggs. While I am personally not a black pudding fan (on so many levels), it is one of my wife’s favourites, so it was interesting to find a black pudding cased Scotch egg on offer.

Overall it was a relaxing outing and offered a rural peacefulness. It is worth a stop-in.



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