Abandoned Faith



photo credit: Karen Roe

A few years ago while I was walking through the woods in Nowton Park, near Bury St Edmunds, I came upon and archway door, and an upturned font. These religious relics, overgrown and neglected,  profoundly affected me.  The following is a reflection prompted by the memory.

Abandoned Faith

This is England –

Land of Anselm, Becket, and Bede.

Where “Hallelujah” so moved a king –

As to rise him from his royal seat.


But now gone is Lent and fasting,

and memories of the martyrs who died;

Lonely Lindisfarne,  now beset –

By a different kind of tide.


Football and Sunday shopping,

Now, our time requires,

Faith abandoned for “the new and now”  –

Leaving forsaken, empty spires.


This is England –

Home of Lennon, Dawkins, and Fry.

Land of no “Hope and Glory” –

“Above us only sky.”






18 thoughts on “Abandoned Faith

  1. I do not conform to any organized religion, but I dig the way your poem declares the loss of tradition, and the shallowness of technology. The piece has the feel of something Elizabethan.

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  2. Our culture has changed so much in my lifetime. It so saddens me to see the growing apathy toward faith. Charity replaced with socialism, the parish and family replaced by gangs and political identity. Must admit, I’m grateful to be in the latter part of my life.

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  3. Perhaps that’s the nature of faith — it doesn’t linger in the same place. And consumerism being the religion of the masses would offer no space and time for anything else. A well-penned poem, with clever and witty references. 🙂

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