Treasure That You Bear

...where he took further care of him – Slide 25

source: Free Bible Images

The Treasure That You Bear


“What things precious do you carry?

What treasures do you bear?”

The Jericho bound merchant,

His beast laden with his wears.


Trouble was before him,

More than he could sustain,

His earthly goods were taken –

Leaving only pain.


Along came the “righteous,”

Their “duties” too – to bear,

The “burdens” that they carried,

Eclipsed their human cares. 


Along came a traveller,

Coming from abroad,

He bore with him a conscience,

And his pity opened broad.


The merchant was cradled,

Pulled to the Samaritan’s breast,

And to an inn was taken,

To receive some healing rest.


What is it that you have there?

What treasures do you bring?

“I bear a thing as precious, as any that I can –

The thing that I carry,  It is my fellow man.”





FOWC with Fandango Prompt: “Carry”

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