Ahab’s Mistress


Ahab’s Mistress


Ishmael has beguiled you

With a tale of doom and woe,

It is not white whales that bring mariners down

But rather great white swells


The sea she is a mistress

Full of  charm and spite –

Without warning she can turn on you –

leaving darkness where there had been light


Yes she is a lady –

Offering ecstasy and depth,

But beware  her in her fury –

Which will leave you only death





Haunted Wordsmith Challenge

depth, fury, darkness and photo above

18 thoughts on “Ahab’s Mistress

  1. The trick with people and the sea, you cannot control whether they will be angry or not, but you can influence it. We would have fewer mega storms if we took care of our climate, there would be less fury if we treated people like people rather than mistresses. Good personification, and poetry floats in the rhythm of the tides.

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