The Conference


At the semi centennial meeting of the Illustrious Order of Jinns and Genies there was ample time for catching up and networking.  Most of the delegates were still discussing the proposal to increase the wish ration to four. But others were reflecting on how much had changed in fifty years, and that some of the changes were really obvious.

Mustafa looked towards the bag hold area and lamented that things weren’t like they were back in the 14th Century.

He turned to Fatima and said, “Things have really gone downhill since OPEC took over. I really miss my old lamp.”

(100 words)



Thank you Rochelle for the Friday Fictioneers Prompt

31 thoughts on “The Conference

  1. Increasing wish ration to four, I love it. Why Mustafa missing is fourteenth century lamp? Are current lamps need no polishing because after OPEC takeover, lamps are cleaner?

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