Salt meat and biscuit was starting to become monotonous for most of the folks on the “Little Train.” Water had been abundant enough on this portion of the trail, but rations were a different story. Boss Little really needed to pick morale up so called Buck and Mason, the outriders, for a bit of a talk.

He couldn’t much afford to dally, but fresh meat would be treat enough to stop the minor grumbling that was starting to be heard in the camp at night. He was going to send these two up towards a lake he knew of to see if they could remedy the situation.

They would ride out at dawn when the train began to hitch up for the day, and if all went well they would catch up with the party by Wednesday.

George Mason was a freedman from Virginia, an adept horseman and a crack shot. His companion, Francis Buck was the son of a Missouri trader, and an Osage mother. He was a good scout, and an even better tracker.

They made the lake by noon, and luck and a couple blessings were with them, as right before their eyes there was a majestic elk wading into the waters. There would be gravy tonight!



I Challenge You prompt.

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