Beacon of Hope

Photo Credit Susan Spaulding

It had been quite a storm three days ago.  The small schooner had been tossed almost to breaking point. No one knew exactly how it happened, but during the chaos the compass glass had shattered, leaving its readings questionable.

Two more days of black skies didn’t help any, and even if they had been clear, who really knew how to navigate by the stars anymore?

Today however was clear, and hopes were up that the course they had set by the damaged compass had been the correct one.

Time would tell.

Then at three in the morning, there was a glimmer on the horizon.

They had found their beacon of hope, and they would be safely ashore by breakfast.


(119 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

5 thoughts on “Beacon of Hope

  1. It’s rare that you see a lighthouse correlated with something positive.
    You did a nice take on it. I have so many questions about what they did while stranded, and where their life takes them after they arrive on shore.
    Nice read!

    Liked by 1 person

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