“The Gog”: Gog and Magog Farm Shop and Cafe

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It has been a while since I made a farm shop post on my Travel Tuesday.  So here is a brief review of the Gog and Magog near Cambridge. I had passed by the G and M on several occasions in the past, and intended to give it a try. So having some errands to run in the area, I swung by the “Gog” as I passed through. TripAdvisor had some good reviews of the place so had high expectations which were largely met.

The cafe is small but has a spacious feel (maybe it’s the clouds on the ceiling) and has really substantial furniture. The staff were friendly, if slightly rushed, but very professional. The cafe was very busy, and orders were being delivered to the dining area, outside tables, and even to some families sitting in the grass enjoying the afternoon sun (This was an early Autumn visit which I am just now getting around to reviewing).

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I had a nice latte and a scone. The scone was large and had a good quantity of fruit. While a little on the crumbly side, it was still a quality item, and was delicious with clotted cream and jam.

The dining area also has a central book case which divides the tables.  This is stocked with cookery books, and other materials which can allow customers make the most of their “Farm Shop” experience, and to work out how they will use the fresh meats and veg when they get home.

The adjacent farm shop had really wonderful looking produce and meats, and some super tempting pie combinations (Lamb and Mint, for example). The facility is set up in separate buildings with cheese-monger/deli , butchers, green grocers, and the aforementioned pies, in their own sections. We picked up some chilled pies for home, as well as some hard cheeses and fresh fruit.

All in all this is a first rate place for an afternoon visit.


*I was camera-less on this occasion so have used the G and M’s own pic and one from TripAdvisor.

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7 thoughts on ““The Gog”: Gog and Magog Farm Shop and Cafe

  1. Though my rambles are restricted to Norfolk (being dependant upon local buses) I’m always on the lookout for the cafes attached to farm shops. A cuppa, and half an hour out of the wind. A godsend to the walker. So if I ever get to ramble as far as G&M, I know where to go. My thanks … 🙂

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