End of the Trail

photo: Dawn Miller


The late war had pretty much closed the trial down. The end of hostilities left some hope for renewed business, but fact be told, the traffic was a mere trickle compared to what it had been. Now there was news that at a place called Promontory in Utah, that they had finished a new-fangled railway linking the East and California.

Boss Little was on the grey-side of 60, and didn’t see much a future for trail bosses anymore. 1870 looked to have bleak prospects for the Little Company, so with a heavy heart he sold up and moved to Sacramento.

(100 words)


Friday Fictioneers Prompt

While I have miles to go on the Oregon Trail (bad pun intended), this week’s prompt provided excellent material for the series epilogue. But fret not, Boss Little, Moses Weiss, and the crew still have more journeys to make.

If you get a chance stop in at Laramie Flats,  I hear Moses has got some cocoa in, so I’m sure he will brew you up a nice “Mosha.”


12 thoughts on “End of the Trail

  1. It seems in every age people have to face the notion of “adapt or die”, but that doesn’t make the transition any easier, knowing that others had to make drastic changes in the past. Hopefully he’ll land on his feet in Sacramento.

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