The Little Company: Stubby

Fanning “Stubby” Greene was a short fellow, a little under five feet in height. His stature wasn’t the only thing that singled him out, as his sandy hair and the reddish goat beard on his chin left a lasting impression on most who saw him. He was a native of Illinois and had met Captain Little when he was a corporal in the Madison County Militia.

He was a good all around worker, and a superb teamster and driver. His skills had been honed as a caisson and limber-man, with the artillery. He was fiercely loyal to Boss Little, and when the latter decided to head west, Stubby was at his side.

His duties were straight forward, he drove the company’s rig, and took to organising the nightly encampments. He was a fair hand at a pot of beans as well.

He was the one member of the company that started each westward journey with the boss in Independence, with both Mason and Buck joining the train in Nebraska. He was quick with a joke, and had a way with people. He also excelled at training up greenhorns and emigrants on “the rules of the trail.” Because of this most folks came to rely on him in the early days on the eastward end, even if some of the young’ns did secretly refer to him as “the elf.”



Fandango’s prompt: Driver


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