The Prairie Sky’s Welcome

The Hunt Train wasn’t far into Nebraska when the prairie gave them a reminder of who was in charge. They had settled up well enough, and the livestock were tended to. Then late in the evening all damnation cut loose.

The storm started with some thundering, then sheets of rain lashed the wagons. This was followed by the most spectacular and fearsome show of lightening most had ever seen. One strike hit so close to the Tolbert’s rig that the entire wagon frame shook.

Henni shivered, and was just reflecting to her husband that the weather was never like this in Philadelphia, when the prairie sky took the cue and let down a torrent of hickory nut sized hail. Some folks retreated under their wagons, and others had to be content to wrap up in rugs and blankets and wait for the sky’s fury to pass.

Such was the prairie sky’s welcome for the newcomers.



Secret Keeper’s challenge


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