Maya: A Sisters Tale

Gwendolyn went to the back room and showed Thilda the map. This was not going to be one of their usual capers. They were going to need help.

They were still smarting from the failure of their last job, and how they had been betrayed by Dennis, Gwendolyn’s fourth “husband.” They needed to be sure of their crew this time.

“How about seeing a fortune teller?” Thilda queried. “Then we could check them out.”

“Those charlatans . . . ,” Gwendolyn began, but she was cut off by her “sister.”

“No Gwen, I saw one near the fair, and she was good.  She got every question right from the entire audience. It was well worth the coppers to see her.”

“Okay, but if I see through the con, we are out of there,” Gwendolyn finally conceded.

The tent was not the usual gaudy circus affair, but a simple army marquee. In it sitting at a small trestle table was Maya. She was truly fascinating to behold. She was tall, and slender, and wore a striking outlandish gown, and her raven hair, and hazelnut eyes gave her an exotic beauty.



She looked up at the two women before her, and said “Welcome, “Sisters.”

Thilda nudged Gwendolyn, but was given a mouthed retort, “Could be a standard greeting.”

“How can I help you with your journey?” Maya asked.

“Another fishing statement,” Gwendolyn thought to herself.

“We have come for some advice, ” Thilda answered.

“About the map or about your companions?” Maya replied.

This took Gwendolyn aback.

Gwendolyn cleared her throat. “Both,” she croaked.

“Then come sit,” Maya said, beckoning them towards a pair of pufes which seemed to have suddenly appeared in front of the table.

The women seated themselves in front of her. The table was bare, with not so much as a deck of cards, or crystal.

“May I have your keys?” Maya said motioning to the table. “Just drop them.”

Gwendolyn dropped them with a loud rattle upon the wood, and Maya gazed at their configuration before her.

“The map is true, though it will lead you into perilous paths,” she said. ” I see a frozen waste, and labyrinthine forests you will need to negotiate. And, yes, you will need help.”

“But who can we trust?” Thilda asked.

“There is one man, tall and trustworthy, I see.”

“Who?” Gwendolyn rejoined.

“An axe-man, thick in both stature and mind. He will be faithful.”

“Where will we find him?” Thilda asked.

“He will be found at tavern, guarding the door. Befriend him, and he will stand by you forever, and I too will accompany you.”

Thus Maya the Enchantress became the third “sister.”



HW Daily Picture Prompt above

Three Things Challenge: Faithful, Fortune Teller, Hazelnut

Daily Word Prompt: Frozen


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