The Magi


painting by: James Jaques Joseph Tissot

Last year, Steven Colborne of Perfect Chaos posted a challenge to enter a four line poem with a Christmas theme. The end result on my part was the second stanza of the poem below.  I have since expanded it in keeping with the season.


The Magi

Watchers of the sky, they followed a star

Leading them westwards from afar

Its regal meaning they could attest

But journey was needed their theory to test


Learned yes, wise pra’ps not

For they went to the palace and not the manger cot

A king the sought, and two kings they met

But it was with babe king that their needs were met.


At stable humble, they did alight

Kneeling in the star’s guiding light

They proffered gifts

Of wealth and might


Scent and gold

Power in Heaven and on Earth

And dark ointment of death

To mark His birth.



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