Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems

Silent forms together huddled lie,
Victims of cruel Autumn’s vengeance,
Mourned only by the tears of the watching sky.

TLT Throwback 29 Nov 18

All by six divided –
Yet, no two ever the same-
Heaven-born crystal destined, but a moment to remain.

TLT Throwback  6 December 2018

Puffed against Winter’s barren chill
Ever defiant to the monochrome conquest
Life’s tiny sunburst hope of Spring.

TLT Throwback 13 Dec 18


For youth – the world is ever tinted –

In Shades of rose and hope,

Too readily set aside when weathered by age.


Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday 17 December 18

sunset wreck 1

There is a spirit to a ship –
That is why we call her she –
And when she perishes that soul’s set free –
Leaving but her bones – cast upon the sea.

CCC6 19 Dec 18



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