Awash in Stillness

Stillness, Howe Sound, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada

Awash in Stillness


I have seen the sea in many a guise –

Her raging troughs deep and towering crests high –

And as a paper-smooth sheet without ripple or rise –

In which stillness reigns.


I have seen the sky in all its glory –

Bright blue, filled with fluttering birds in flight –

But also clothed in fog and mist –

Closing in, mimicking the stillness of the night.


I have seen the island stand alone –

Sentinel amid the wash-Β 

In defiance of both wind and wave –

Unmoved in its silent stillness.





10 thoughts on “Awash in Stillness

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  2. Namaste Padre, Happy New Year πŸ™‚

    I paused to linger for a while reading your verse, all of which I enjoyed very much. Your poetry has depth and sensitivity, a palpable sense of feeling as if your journey through life impresses itself into your words. This particular poem is amongst my favourites not least because of the imagery it exudes. The photograph has a hypnotic, ethereal quality about it. Quite magical.

    Thank you for sharing your work.

    I came by way of Sammi’s Saturday Challenge, and hope to you will continue submitting verse.

    Live in Love, Go in Peace. Namaste πŸ™‚


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