Travel Tip: Travel Prepared and Stick to the Plan

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Last week I had a little fun with my weekly travel blog by taking it along a holiday themed tangent.  Today I will be giving one serious travel tip and a quick reflection on our Christmas break to Cornwall.

When we travel it is a bit like a military operation.  My wife’s medical needs, limited diets, and a wide range of other concerns have made list making part of our travel plans. This once used to be only checking that we had tickets, passports, and essential travel items. Now it is a double checklist of medications, electrical devices (complete with various leads and auxiliary leads), lists of places to visit including post codes for GPS access, itineraries, and the age old passports, etc. lists.

But here is the important point on travel lists.  Here we do need to be like Santa, check your list and check it twice. And above all don’t deviate from your own tired and true check in and check out rituals.

This is exactly what happened to us this holiday. We made our way to Cornwall with three side journeys, this was fine in an of itself.  We were able to have Christmas visits with friends and family along the route, and it broke up an otherwise daunting journey. The third of these stops was at a hotel in Bristol (approximately the halfway point).  We checked in, settled in, and I was able to unwind before starting the drive to complete the journey.

What we did wrong was to pack-up before breakfast with the idea of a quick and early departure. We usually do the final stages of packing the more important items after breakfast, and have a good search of the room before leaving.

You may have guessed it, this change in protocol, and failing to do our final list check led to a fail. We left early, drove from Bristol to St Ives in Cornwall, and did it all in good time.  Until . . . .  When my wife started to unpack and to settle into our holiday flat for a week long stay, she discovered her phone and iPad had been left in Bristol. A quick call to the hotel proved the point, and we were assured they were safe in the office.  But it did necessitate a round-trip journey (400 miles or so) of six hours after having already done the one way. For the want of keeping to routine, a nine hour journey was invented.

So the travel tip is simple. Make lists. Check the lists. Keep to the lists. Double check the lists. Enjoy your trip.


One thought on “Travel Tip: Travel Prepared and Stick to the Plan

  1. For holidays and other travels I always make lists. If I didn’t I’d get halfway to destination and panic I’d forgotten something. I also make a mental list when it’s just a day’s hike with the camera. The more times sone, the easier it is to overlook that not-often-needed-yet-essential-when-you-do item. But to date I’ve never left anything behind on my travels

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