Noah (2014): A Film Review


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This is a rubbish piece. There, I said it.  It is essentially a Green agenda film with a dystopian twist, in the guise of a Bible film.  It has a man named Noah [check], three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth)[check], pairs of animals [check], and lots of water [check]. Apart from that, it is so far from the biblical narrative that it is otherwise unrecognisable.

Examples include angels who are in the form of stone giants (who essentially construct the ark), and a stowaway Cainite king. Noah is depicted as a man who has his own interpretations of God’s will and as such neglects bringing wives for his two younger sons, and is prepared to murder the newborn children of his eldest son in order to rid the world of men.

The acting by Russell Crowe (Noah) is all too one-dimensional as a man obsessed with both saving animals and his own agenda, that he lacks any other show of emotion. Ham (Logan Lerman) is in contrast filled with a mutinous spirit, and in a sense becomes the new Cain, with his killing of the stowaway. The best acting comes from Emma Watson, and Jennifer Connelly as the wives of Shem and Noah, they at least show real human emotion.

In a plot twist, he questions his own mission and spares his twin grand-daughters thus providing potential wives for Ham and Japheth (even if totally biblically inaccurate and merely suggested).  The essentially ends with Noah’s drunkenness, the exile of Ham, and “new beginnings.”

If you have two hours to kill, then maybe worth the watch.  If you are seeking a spiritually uplifting experience then build an ark of your own to avoid this modernist deluge.





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