Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 2

three line tales, week 151: an old carousel

photo by Harpal Singh via Unsplash

Life is full of swings and roundabouts – offering promises of joy
But like the night watchman at the fair,
It is empty when faced alone

Three Line Tales, Week 151 20 Dec 18


Spring’s blossom and Summer’s glory,
Bright Autumn’s bounty – now frozen,
Giving Winter provision – providing hope

TLT Throwback 27 December 18



Everyday happenings and chance meetings the tinder,

Kindling ideas which spark and glow

And ignite our imagination

Sammi Cox Prompt – Ignite in 17 words 29 Dec 18


imageedit_6_9218313910 (1)

Life speeds forwards to new triumphs and mistakes,

Leaving us in this moment to glance backwards,

At the memories left in its wake.

Old Photo Prompt 2 Jan 19

three line tales, week 153: a lot of paintings

“A pictures worth a thousand words,” artists say it’s true,
We authors know when it comes to life,
That our abridgments are kind of nice too.

Three Line Tales, Week 153 3 Jan 19

cracked church window

Arch without door,
Window without pane,
If only people could be so open,
We’d have so much less pain.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #8 2 Jan 19

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