The Interview

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source: Trip Advisor

William Grey-Wilson entered Francis Plain House to strains of piano music. A dark-skinned servant took his hat and walking stick and then led him to a drawing room where a smartly dressed African man sat at the keyboard.

As the man finished the piece, the governor said, “The Chopin is coming along wonderfully, Your Majesty.”

King Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo gave a gracious nod and then said, “Thank you, Mr. Wilson, but what is it that you have actually come for?”


(78 words)


What Pegman Saw Prompt St Helena

6 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Interesting bit of history. Napoleon was clearly not the only man of culture and consequence confined to this island. Thank you for this peek into Zulu history in South Africa. I was unable to find anything on Grey-Wilson, other than that he was Governor of St Helena for a time. Was he about to tell the banished king of the Zulus something in particular?

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