A Visit to Penzance and Land’s End

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Land’s End

During our Christmas break we had opportunity to visit Penzance and the nearby St Michael’s Mount.  Penzance unlike St Ives is an identifiable town with the usual seaside amenities, as well as a shopping precinct and High Street.  We did a little shopping and refueled here, and took in some of the sea views before heading to Marazion to view St Michael’s Mount.

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St Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount is a small settlement and castle complex on an island in the bay.  It is accessed by a man-made causeway which is passable during mid and low tides. I had really wanted to see the island ob this trip to Cornwall, as it completed a pairing with my visit to its namesake Le Mont Saint-Michel which is a walled town and abbey on a similar island off the coast of France.

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le Mont Saint-Michel

Both sites have traditions which link them to the archangel Michael, and in the early Medieval period they islands shared monastic patronage.

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St Michael’s Mount

Today, the English site is managed by the National Trust, thought the castle is held on a 999 year lease by the St Aubyn family.

We had some good photo opportunities an captured various aspects of the island before heading to Land’s End.

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Land’s End Complex

Land’s End is a landmark marking the most western point of England’s shore.  It is in the village of Sennen, and is essentially a tourist trap.  The complex and its adjoining parking is private land, and a hefty parking charge is levied even for a brief photo visit.  There are some shops and a picnic area, but the main attraction is the sign marking the point.

While it isn’t the greatest of visitors centres, it is still worth seeing to if nothing else say you have been there.  What is worth seeing though are the views especially as sunset approaches.

All in all it was an interesting day out, and it allowed me to fill in a previously un-visited part of my travel map.





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