Star: A Sisters Tale


source: Quora

As Gwendolyn clicked the lock mechanism, Maya and Breena gave the door a huge shove.  Thilda stood back a couple of feet and aligned a shot ready to loose it into whatever lay beyond.

As the door crashed open, the women were astonished to see a lone figure standing against the far wall of a medium sized chamber. The occupant stood braced with a crescent sharped shield thrust forwards, and a scimitar held at the ready above her head.

The woman gave a start on seeing “the sisters,” and her face dropped its defiant glare, and assumed an air of puzzlement. She still stood ready for defense, but her muscles seemed a bit less tense.

Thilda lightened her pull on her bowstring, and all of the women took a moment to make sense of the situation.

Before them was a tall woman, of nearly six feet in height. She was dressed in male armour of the Ralulee style, but her feminine face, and cornrowed hair made her gender apparent.

“Do you speak ‘Common,'” Breena asked in broken Ralulee.

“Yes,” replied the woman.

“We are going to come into the room slowly, and we will not attack unless you do,” Gwendolyn said, with an uneasy smile.

The woman relaxed all the more, lowering her sword, but maintaining the shield’s position.

The party entered the room, and closed the door behind them. The room was empty except for a few pew-like benches along the side walls. A tapestry depicting a beautiful woman being bowed to by adoring men adorned the wall behind the stranger.

“I am Gwendolyn,” Gwendolyn began, “and the one with the bow is Thilda. The fair one is Breena, and the one in green is Maya.”

“I am Star,” the woman responded, lowering her shield slightly. “Star Enwu.”

Star was beautiful in a subdued kind of way. She had a medium brown complexion, deep brown eyes, and her braided hair was partly covered by a scarf in the Ralulee fashion, giving her a mysterious air.

“How long have you been in here?” Breena asked compassionately, looking at the woman’s fatigued vestige. She could see that Star had a talon wound on the upper part of her sword arm, and similar groves had been cut into her shield.

“A week. I think a week,” she said.

“And when did you last eat?”

“Three days ago, though I still have some water,” Star responded.

By now everyone in the room was more relaxed. And weapons were lowered.

Star was still being cautious, however, and sensing this Breena slide a bag of bread towards her.

Star picked it up, without taking her eyes of the other women, then opening it started to wolf down the biscuit.

“Are you Ralulee?” Thilda asked her abruptly.

“No,” she replied. “A bondswoman of the Ral, but not Ral.”

“So why are you here? Why dressed as one?” Maya asked.

“It was my master’s wish,” she said with some bitterness. “Now, he is far away, and his dog of a son is dead.”

*          *         *

Star Enwu’s mother was born in a farming village in the Green Lands south of the Sultanate. When she was seventeen her village was raided by Ralulee slavers, and the girl was sold into bondage. She ended up in the house of a regional official. She was as tall and attractive as her daughter would become, and was favoured by her master who gave her to his wife as a personal maid.

When she was about twenty she fell pregnant with Star. Some believed that the father was the son of the official, who was of a similar age. Officially, however, Star’s paternity was at the hands of the officer’s stable master, a man of non-Ralulee desert stock.

Star was thus raised as the daughter of the stables. She became a skilled horse woman, and as the only child of her “father,” took on many of the duties a son would have. She learned sword play, and other skills necessary in service of her master’s caravans.

It was in this capacity that she had accompanied the official’s younger son on this expedition to the temple. She was meant only to be the horse-mistress, but when the party’s conjurer interpreted the words of the Oracle Stone, it was decided that her presence would be needed inside.


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