The Stakeout: A Roseman Tale




It was the tenth night in a row that Wizakowski and Barns were on stake out.  They sat in the specially adapted wagon, with the words Alley’s Green Grocer painted on its sides, eating stale sandwiches and drinking cold tea.  They had positioned themselves behind the sliding panels which were fitted in the “e”s of the word Green, from which they diligently observed the suspect’s premises.

Barns especially had a lot to prove because of  The King’s Head Incident, and “Wizki” had just transferred in from Big Littleton or some such place.  Both of the watchmen knew their futures in the service were on the line.

Each night the man would arrive home at about 6 PM and light the lamp in his front room, remove his shoes, and then leaf through old copies of various news sheets.  For over a week he never altered his routine.  At 9, he would then put out his lamp and retire to bed.

Inspector Cruikshank was convinced the house was some kind of front, however.  After all the suspect had been heard in the tavern boasting how he was going to move stolen goods right under the Rosies’ noses.

Ever since then he had been shadowed by the boys in black, and his movements recorded.   He had been seen conversing with some shady characters near Old Market on a couple of occasions, but as of yet there was nothing they could pin on him.

So intently were the two Rosemen scrutinizing this fellow, that they never noticed some of his known associates carrying large sacks into the building across the street, directly next to their converted fruit wagon.


Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge #177

(5) Words: | LEAF | HOME | ALTER | LIGHT |FRONT|


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