Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 3

Like scattered tiles –
The days of our lives
Are a mosaic awaiting completion

TLT Throwback – Year 3: One 3 Jan 2019


186 thousand miles a second – blurs our view of light,
In a moment perspective skews – As does
the truth – when we insist that only we are right.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Two 10 Jan 19


Beautiful crystal of the sky
Like an angel cast down
To be robbed of its beauty, sentenced to die

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Three  17 Jan 2019


three line tales, week 156: stars over the sea

photo by Sam Loyd via Unsplash

Where sky meets sea, and sea meets sky
With some land to dwell, to live and die
Where beauty abounds and lifts us high

Three Line Tales, Week 156 24 Jan 2019

In a place of cold, in a world of harm –
A cup of warmth, a brew of calm –
In both body and mind, works a charm

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Four 24 Jan 19



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