Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 3

Like scattered tiles –
The days of our lives
Are a mosaic awaiting completion

TLT Throwback – Year 3: One 3 Jan 2019


186 thousand miles a second – blurs our view of light,
In a moment perspective skews – As does
the truth – when we insist that only we are right.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Two 10 Jan 19


Beautiful crystal of the sky
Like an angel cast down
To be robbed of its beauty, sentenced to die

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Three  17 Jan 2019


three line tales, week 156: stars over the sea

photo by Sam Loyd via Unsplash

Where sky meets sea, and sea meets sky
With some land to dwell, to live and die
Where beauty abounds and lifts us high

Three Line Tales, Week 156 24 Jan 2019

In a place of cold, in a world of harm –
A cup of warmth, a brew of calm –
In both body and mind, works a charm

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Four 24 Jan 19



Renewal: A Sisters Tale

imageedit_1_6046475153 (1)

As the companions set out in the direction of the Sisters Pass, they again came to the dry waterhole.  Though the difference was subtle, it had nevertheless changed.  It was no longer filled with dust, but a slightly moist sand now seemed to line its bottom.  As they came closer, a few beetles scurried to hiding places along its edges.

As they rode Seymour began to snack upon some of the dried fish which had been in the camel-packs.  The small silvery fish were coated in a thin crust of crystalised salt, preserving them well, but making for a thirst-making meal.

“Why are these so salty?” he asked absent-mindedly.

Wil just couldn’t help herself. “They are fish, Sey.  They come from the ocean.”

“Oh,” he said, after thinking about it for a minute. “That explains a lot.”

Wilberta smiled to herself with some measure of self-satisfaction.  It wasn’t that she hadn’t come to care for the huge man, it was just that it was too easy at times.

By late afternoon they approached the oasis.  It was still littered with the remains of the creatures poisoned by its tainted waters, but the waters themselves seemed just a little clearer than they had remembered.  The grey trees, too seemed to have taken on a hint of green.  It was by no means a transformation, nor would they risk the waters, but something had changed.

They rode for another hour to distance themselves from the place; and while the disappearance of the mist from around the temple, and the hints of life at the watering points had promise for a brighter future in the area, it did not mean it had no immediate negative impact on the party.   As they set camp for the night there was the distinct sound of the bane of all campers: the buzz of mosquitoes.  It would indeed be a long night.

About two in the morning, Breena was awakened by the sensation of movement across her legs.  She whispered an incantation, then said “Illuminate” and as the area around her tent lit up, a snake could be seen sideling from beneath her canvas.

“Sorry, everybody,” she apologised. “Just had a little scare.”

The morning proved no better, for as they were preparing to break camp Maya let out a shriek.  She was just about to slide on her shoes, when she detected the form of a small white scorpion.  She shook it free from her footwear and mashed it with a nearby water jug.  “I detest scorpions,” she bitterly announced.

At last they were ready to make a start, and none would be displeased at leaving this particular bivouac behind them.  Groggy and with more than their fair share of insect bites they headed for the well at the watchtowers.

Seymour on more than one occasion dismounted and ran an axe handle under his jerkin to scratch at the whelps on his back.  Wilberta despite her efforts to ignore his distress was overcome by compassion.

She rode ahead to Breena and asked if she had anything that might help him.

“Try this,” the healer said handing her a small vile of foul-smelling oil.

Wil then slowed to allow Seymour to overtake her.

“Big Brother,” she said kindly.  “Let’s see to those itches, okay?”

A few minutes later, Seymour let out a sigh of relief.  Then giving her an affectionate hug, said “Thank you, Little Wil.  Love you too.”

The words had an unexpected effect on Wilberta.  She couldn’t for the life of her say why, but they made her happy.  She mounted her horse fighting back a tear, and spurred her mare forwards.






Garlic Cod

imageedit_3_4613760899 (1).jpg

I managed to get two really lovely cod loins, and was thinking of keto-friendly options that I might try.  I decided to go with garlic as my enhancement flavour, and I think it worked really well


  • Cod Loin 300 – 400 g (two large skinless, boneless cuts)
  • Ghee or Butter 2 tsp
  • Ground Almonds or Almond Flour 3 heaped Tbs
  • Garlic Powder 2 tsp
  • Salt pinch
  • Egg 1
  • Water 1 tsp


Preheat an oven to 200 C / 395 F.  Lightly spread melted ghee or butter into an oven dish.  Whisk the egg with the tsp of water, then dip the fillets into the egg mixture.  In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients, then dip the fish into it.  Once covered with the nut flour and garlic mixture lay the fillets into the greased dish.  Pat any remaining flour/garlic onto the top of the fish, then cover loosely with foil.  Place in the oven for 15 minutes.  Then remove the foil from the dish and return to the oven for an additional 5 to 7 minutes depending on the thickness of he loins.  Serve with salad and a garlic-based dressing or garlic mayo.


Once Upon A Time . . .

Wishing Well clip art


Once upon a time . . . that’s how they start them, isn’t it?  Well, actually it was last Tuesday, and it was a rather ordinary day.  If ordinary includes it raining fish, and water flowing up hill, that is.

How did this all come about you might ask?  Well it was all because of a well; a wishing well to be precise.  Little Tommy Tucker was bored and lonely, and having nothing particular to do, he started to explore under the terraces at the sports ground to see what he might see.

His efforts where fruitful on two accounts.  Firstly, they gave him something to do, and secondly he found a tuppence.  A world of options seemed to open to him all at once.  With this vast treasure he could of course buy some sweets, but this would not allay his boredom for long, nor would it necessarily secure him any company.

Then he saw it, the wishing well at the edge of the orchard.  Surely with the princely sum of two pennies he could secure some companionship.  As he approached the ringed brickwork he noticed a sleeping Tabby curled in its shadow.  He stroked the cat behind the ears, and tossed his coin into the well.

“Please give me someone to spend the day with,” he entreated as the copper piece fell into the waters below.

Immediately, the cat said aloud, “That is quite pleasant, a little to the right please.”

Of course Tommy was very much taken aback by the speaking cat, and ran home in a panic and hid himself under his covers.

The cat on the other hand went immediately to where he knew a dropped penny was and brought it in his mouth to the well.

“I want all the fish I can eat, and I don’t ever want to get wet again,” the feline announced as the coin fell into the well’s depths.

Well you know the rest of the story.


(328 words)



Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – January 24th – Once Upon a Time…

The Stakeout: A Roseman Tale




It was the tenth night in a row that Wizakowski and Barns were on stake out.  They sat in the specially adapted wagon, with the words Alley’s Green Grocer painted on its sides, eating stale sandwiches and drinking cold tea.  They had positioned themselves behind the sliding panels which were fitted in the “e”s of the word Green, from which they diligently observed the suspect’s premises.

Barns especially had a lot to prove because of  The King’s Head Incident, and “Wizki” had just transferred in from Big Littleton or some such place.  Both of the watchmen knew their futures in the service were on the line.

Each night the man would arrive home at about 6 PM and light the lamp in his front room, remove his shoes, and then leaf through old copies of various news sheets.  For over a week he never altered his routine.  At 9, he would then put out his lamp and retire to bed.

Inspector Cruikshank was convinced the house was some kind of front, however.  After all the suspect had been heard in the tavern boasting how he was going to move stolen goods right under the Rosies’ noses.

Ever since then he had been shadowed by the boys in black, and his movements recorded.   He had been seen conversing with some shady characters near Old Market on a couple of occasions, but as of yet there was nothing they could pin on him.

So intently were the two Rosemen scrutinizing this fellow, that they never noticed some of his known associates carrying large sacks into the building across the street, directly next to their converted fruit wagon.


Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Challenge #177

(5) Words: | LEAF | HOME | ALTER | LIGHT |FRONT|


Reunion: A Sisters Tale

Sisters 3

After the encounter with the undead, Wilburta was not going to take any more chances.  She sent Seymour to bring all the scrub wood he could find as well as the spear shafts and other flammable materials from among the discarded equipment near their camp.  They next gathered all of the bones they find and made a huge fire to dispose of them.

While the conflagration roared, Wil sorted the weapons and armour into piles according to type and usefulness.  The spearheads and arrow points were useless without their shafts, but Wil thought Thilda might find some of them worth keeping upon her return.  She found one really beautifully gilded sword that she thought would bring a good price, though the other blades were more functional than costly.  A few good helmets and a gold plated pair of gauntlets completed her set of “keepers.”

The next day dawned without the eerie mist which Wil had become accustomed to.  The day proved sunny and quite pleasant and Wilberta had spread out a saddle blanket and was enjoying the blue sky when she spied some movement out of the corner of her eye.  She jumped to her feet, and alerted Seymour who was sharpening his blades.

Soon three carts and could be seen coming towards them from the direction of the temple.  It took a couple of minutes for it to register that it was Gwendolyn’s party returning.  There was also a tall Ralulee with them which did cause a little concern.

The lead cart was pulled by Breena and Gwendolyn; the second by Star; and Maya and Thilda came up the rear.

“Hallo,” Seymour shouted.

“Hi, Hun,” Gwendolyn responded as she got closer.

Wil ran to Gwendolyn and Breena and gave them hugs, before grabbing onto one of the poles to help pull.

Seymour stared suspiciously at Star.

“What’s wrong, Seymour,” Gwendolyn asked.

“Who’s that?” he said quietly.

“You remember Star, don’t you?” Gwendolyn said in her most reassuring tone. “We came here to rescue her!”

“She’s a sister then?” Seymour asked still puzzled.

“Yes. A sister,” Gwendolyn assured him.

Seymour scanned the woman up and down, taking in her dark features and outlandish attire.  “Are you sure?” he asked, “It’s just that she is so much taller than the rest of you.”

Gwendolyn shook her head in the affirmative, and then Star was quite surprised when the massive man stepped towards her and wrapped her in a firm hug. “We missed you,” he said.

     *         *        *

After the reunion, it was decided that Seymour, Thilda, and Star would ride to the place where the Ralulee party had camped the week or so before.  Star said that a teenage boy had been left to tend the animals, but that he would be of no concern especially for the three of them.

The sun would set within the hour, and it was thought best that their reconnaissance wait until morning.

Just before dawn the trio set out to the far side of the temple complex.  About half an hour later they arrived in a little wadi where they found four tethered camels, and three dead horses.

“Be careful of the hump horses,” Seymour said. “They spit.”

Star ignored his comment and jumped down to examine the horses. “There should have been four here,” she said.  “Faiz must have gone home when we didn’t return,” she speculated.  The horses were indeed dead, and the empty buckets near them betrayed the terrible death by thirst they would have suffered.  This was all the more distressing to the “Horse Mistress” because four large water containers were still among the camels’ stores.

After giving the camels some water, they were lashed together to lead back to Gwendolyn and the others.

It was still relatively early when they arrived back to their camp.

“We found hump horses,” Seymour called as they approached.

The camels were a fortunate find.  Their packs contained flat bread and dried fish, as well as large water bags.  The animals themselves were a boon as well, as they allowed the treasure to be packed on six animals without encumbering the horses.  The carts were unloaded and the supplies redistributed onto the camels, a mule and the donkey.  Seymour would ride the remaining mule, and Star would use his horse.

“It all fits,” Thilda observed. “But only just.”

“What should we do about the rest?” Maya asked.

“Maybe we can bury another couple of cart loads somewhere,” Thilda suggested.

“Time and food are an issue, still,” Breena reminded them. “Do we really want to delay any more?”

In the end it was decided that one more cart-full would be buried near the oracle stone, and then if they ever had opportunity they would return.

It was about two in the afternoon when they finally turned homeward.








Renewing Covenant


Pastor Emmanuel Kokonyo from Nairobi, Kenya brought our message this week.  His theme was on renewal and covenant drawn from Nehemiah 10: 28 and following.

The passage begins with the gathering of the people, priests, and Levites to rededicate themselves to the service of God.  But why “rededication?”  The answer simply is sin.  The people of Israel had begun as a people of promise first with Abraham, and then in an earlier renewal after the exodus.  Yet, the people had again drifted from their side of the covenant, and had experienced exile.

The response to sin is repentance, and it is in this spirit of repentance they in verse 29 bind themselves with a “curse” and an “oath” to return to the “Law of God given through Moses.”

This action of repentance began with dedication.  Our passage, Brother Kokonyo noted, breaks down into areas of dedication.  The first of these is dedication to the Word.  The word of God addresses all of the areas of life.   It addresses morals, doubt, faith, and examples of those who have exercised these traits.   The Pastor called us to consider our own dedication to the Word.  Do we make it the point of reference?

The next area is fear.  This is not a negative type of fear, but rather a reverent awe.  It is interesting that verse 29 mentions curse.  This is an acknowledgement that relationship with God is one of awe.  In relationship we have blessing.  In comparison all else is curse.

Commitment is the third area of dedication.  This the people, priests, and Levites made clear promises.  These included a dedication to purity.  Verses 30 and 31 say, “We promise not to give our daughters in marriage to the peoples around us or take their daughters for our sons. When the neighboring peoples bring merchandise or grain to sell on the Sabbath, we will not buy from them on the Sabbath or on any holy day.”  They were to not fall into the abuses of God’s Law as practiced by the world, or to put themselves into contact with it.

The final area dedication made by the Israelites was to provide for the maintenance of God’s House the Temple.  They promised to provide for the physical upkeep of the Temple, but also of those who served there.  How could the sacrifices of faith be made if there was no firewood to offer it up with?  The people promised never to let down the service of God.

Shall we be a people so dedicated?




Tell Me a Story Challenge: Gargoyles’ Holiday

two men in a bath

Crispina aka Crimsonprose has tagged me into a “Tell Me a Story Challenge,”  which she inherited from  A Dalectable Life.  The photo challenge I was given is above.

The challenge works like this:

To forge a link in the chain:

  1. I write a story based on the photo above
  2. And pick a new picture to act as the next prompt
  3. And tag three bloggers to play along


Gargoyles’ Holiday

While most people are not aware of it, the periodic erection of scaffolding around our cathedrals is not for “renovation,” but rather to allow the gargoyles and other statuary a period of relief.

One must remember, spending decades and sometimes centuries perched on the high pinnacles can be exhausting.  And this doesn’t even  begin to address the entire unpleasant issue of pigeons.

Anyway, during the recent “works” at one of East Anglia’s famous minsters, the  gargoyles of the northern transept got their long awaited time away.  While most of us might fancy the sun and sand of Spain, these English stalwarts chose rather to holiday in the Broads.

Oh, what bliss to recline, and soak away the tensions of life (not to mention the pigeon droppings).

(127 words)



I pass the challenge to:

  1. Zizywrites
  2. Reena Saxena
  3. Sushmita Gelda


Here is the next picture prompt:

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A Visit of Gooderstone Water Gardens


imageedit_2_9804964747 (1).jpg

Peaceful Lake

Back in the spring, we had the opportunity to visit the water gardens at Gooderstone in Norfolk.  It is a peaceful place to visit and we found the staff welcoming and friendly.

imageedit_1_6343532931 (1).png

Bridges and Paths

The entire site is well maintained, peaceful and relaxing. The different ponds and features each have their own charm from the Monet inspired pond to swans gliding by on the connecting channels.

The gardens were established in 1970 when the farm land and meadows on the site became too a damp for cattle to graze.  The resulting water features and bridges are almost unrecognizable as a farm, and it seems as if nature had meant for it to be this way from the beginning.

imageedit_4_4624615661 (1)


The Gardens have a tea room where we found the staff especially friendly.  In fact the manger of the tea rooms treated us as if we were neighbours or long lost friends.  The tea was good, and the cake was extremely wonderful.

imageedit_6_7379654843 (1)

Tea room

This is a wonderful place just to laze away an afternoon.  I highly recommend a visit if in the King’s Lynn area.




imageedit_7_5661617513 (2).jpg

Monet themed pond

Gooderstone Water Gardens

Exit: A Sisters Tale

imageedit_6_5170636616 (1).jpg

It was time for some deliberations about the means of their departure.  Star led the others to yet another small alcove which opened into a short tunnel.

“This is how the Ral entered,” she said. The door at the far end was a bit narrow, and the tunnel’s downwards slope might prove a problem considering the weight of the carts.

“Problem is,” Thilda reminded the other.  “The trapdoor in front of where we came in.”

Maya began to walk up and down the rows of benches, stopping periodically.

“What if . . .” she began, “we build a bridge?”

“Bridge?” Thilda questioned.

“Yes, look here,” she said pointing to the long seating planks of the pews.  “We can take a couple of these apart, and lay the boards over the trap.”

Thilda looked at several of the seats and shook her head in agreement.  She then took out an arrow and drew an “X” on four of the pews.  “I wish we had one of Seymour’s axes,” she said.  “Star can you give me a hand?  The marked ones look easiest to pull apart.”

The two women pulled the first of the benches onto its back, then they used Thilda’s knife and Star’s sword to begin to pry the boards apart at the joints. It was resistant at first, but after some effort the fastenings began to squeak and gave way.

Gwendolyn and Maya began to dismantle the second pew apart.  In a little over a half an hour they had four sturdy planks to work with.  Each was about a fifteen inches wide, and seven feet in length.  This would easily span the four foot wide trapdoor.

It took four women to carry each board.  The first was carefully laid to the right of the trap. Then one the opening was centered on the plank, it was slide into position.  The mechanism instantly activated and the door dropped open once again revealing only darkness below.  It then popped back into place, only to trigger again.  The slamming noise of its process making an echo in the ten foot foyer.

“That is going to get annoying,” Thilda said bitterly. “Let’s finish this.”

The second board was brought into place this time from the left and the centre section of the trap was now covered.  This muffled the banging a bit, but it was still a concern that someone or something might still be within the complex to respond to the racket.

The remaining two pieces of timber were pushed into place, and only a dull drumming from beneath them gave any indication of the danger below.

“Right then,” said Gwendolyn, “Shall we?”

The companions went and recovered the tumbrels, and wheeled then into the space between the entry alcoves.  Gwendolyn went to open the wicket.  Only to discover that it was too narrow for the carts to pass through.

“Damn,” she muttered.  Then she said “All good.”

“Huh?” Thilda questioned.

“You know, we hadn’t considered that the wicket opens inwards,” she remarked.  “It was going to wedge against the boards.”

“What can we do then?” Star asked.

“Actually it is okay,” Breena observed, as the reality hit her. “We need the main doors open to get the carts out, and they open outwards. Win, win.”

Just to be sure, Maya’s rat explored the main doors, and found them to be safe.  Gwendolyn then worked the locks, and they clicked open with a rasping sound.  The doors were far heavier that they expected, but they were able to force them open and drop the latch bolts into the sockets outside.

The afternoon sun was dazzling after so long in the dim interior.  The carts were given a final check and the middle one was judged to be the lightest.

“Here we go then,” said Thilda as she pulled and Star pushed it onto the boards.  It mounted the lip nicely, and the planks barely showed any play as they wheeled it over them and out into the sands.

It was then that they noticed that the mists had disappeared from around the temple.  “A good sign, I hope,” Thilda mused.  Just then there was a rumble as Gwendolyn and Breena brought the second cart over the makeshift bridge.  Star returned to the building and soon she and Maya were readying the final load for the crossing.  This time the boards showed a clear bend as the wheels passed over, but the momentum carried the cart outside, and the women rested against the wheels.

“Should we go get more stuff?” Thilda asked.

“Let’s see if we can carry this first,” Gwendolyn and Breena said almost in unison.

Gwendolyn adding, “Remember we can’t take the carts through the mountains.”

“Star, what will you do now?” Breena asked kindly.

“I have no home now,” she said reflectively. “May I stay with you?”

“Absolutely,” said Gwendolyn on behalf of the others. “You are a ‘Sister’ now.”

It was getting late, and they decided it would be best to go join Wil and Seymour before evening came.