The Dragon

SPF 10-07-18 CE AYR 4

Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

“A dragon?  You bought a dragon?” she challenged.  “I said go down to the garden centre and get something to barbecue with in the summer.  And what do you do?  You go to the magic supply shop and buy a bleeding dragon.  I just don’t get you.”

“But it lasts, like, forever” I tried to interject.  She was having none of it, however.

“Lasts!  A cast iron chiminea lasts,” she cut in.

“But we don’t even have to buy wood or charcoal . . .” I tried to explain.

“Yea, well what does it run on then?  Have you thought about that?  It’s not like there’s a bloody surplus of virgin maidens in 2019,” she continued to rant. “No wonder it was cheap.  You are just unbelievable.”

I had to grant her point. “Okay, I will try to return it in the morning,” I said defeated.

(146 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction

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