Ancient Pub: The Griffin, Attleborough

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It has been some time since I made a travel post of an ancient pub or inn.  I still really enjoy these old venues and the atmosphere and quirkiness of many of them.  Attleborough, Norfolk offers one such venue.

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We stopped in for hot drinks at Attleborough’s Griffin and found it a relaxing and well run hotel/restaurant. The bar area is timber framed and decorated in a style in keeping with the history (opened circa 1560) of the building. It has a nicely bricked fireplace, and the dining area has well placed tables for quiet chats while dining. There are also views across to the church, which on a sunny day made for a very pretty backdrop.

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While we were visiting primarily for drinks, it nonetheless has a solid menu with many pub/country inn favourites. We noted that meals served to others were very well presented, and the serving sizes very generous. The tea was an average blend, but the stay was in the end still a pleasurable one. We would happily call back again for food.


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