Souq Song

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Souq Song

Step right up and pick one,

Be it red, or pink or blue,

Grab onto your favourite,

The choice is up to you.


Try on our many fashions,

In yellow, plum, or white,

Take a spin before mirror,

Be delighted by the sight.


If  I don’t have what you’re after,

I have a cousin who surely will,

We’ll provide your exact colour,

Be it chartreuse, beige, or teal.


We offer every shade and hue,

From amethyst to gold,

Just pick your favourite colour,

We’re never under sold.



I liked this prompt as it allowed me to link it with my travels and some fond memories of shopping in the Middle East and North Africa.

2019 Photography Challenge: Pick a Colour

13 thoughts on “Souq Song

  1. This reminded me of travels in India, seeing the beautiful cloths for saris on display; also the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Colors everywhere.

    So glad you posted to dVerse tonight, the virtual pub for poets. Perhaps you could put a link to dVerse so others can find the site — and it will mean more readers for your poetry as well. Or a tag dVerse would also work. Nice to see you here! And thanks for prodding my memories of travel in India and Istanbul! 🙂

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