Wicked Kitchen Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap: A Review


Some time ago I noted that Tesco had started to carry a line of products from Wicked Kitchen.  one of these is the Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap, which is a spinach tortilla surrounding a pakora with roasted peppers, carrot, and a spicy mayo.

I found the wrap tasty, with just a bit of a spicy afterburn.  It was relatively moist in its centre, with a crisp crunch from the carrots and accompanying leaf.

It has a good texture, and holds together well.  There was no excessive sauce dripping, not was it as noted too dry.

At 547 calories per pack, it is on the upper side of what I consider an acceptable store-bought lunch sandwich, and it isn’t substantial enough to call it an evening meal.  It also packs a hefty 35% of the daily recommended fat allowance.

So the verdict.  It is a nice occasional “sandwich” and a great break from the typical egg and cress, and ploughman offerings usually associated with supermarket lunch options.   High in calories, but also in taste, it is worth a try, and as a treat, but not an everyday affair.



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