Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 4

boleyns bull

CCC #12

The bull of the Boleyn makes its stand,
Its lands to never fall.
How fitting that Liz of that line,
Made a matador armada stall?

Crimson’s Challenge 30 Jan 2019

Slumbering twigs frozen – in their Winter’s sleep,
Braving frosts biting and drifting snows so deep,
Their buds awaiting wake-up call, Spring’s promises to keep.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Five 31 Jan 19


Welsh Sheep

My mind it does stray, keeping me from sleep,
Wool-gathering, my thoughts wander,
Chasing rabbits – rather than counting sheep.
These ideas tossed and juggled, too many to ponder,
Conspiring to rob me – of my blissful slumber.

Weekend Writing Prompt #92 – Wool-Gathering (36 words) 2 Feb 19

I have lived a life within the wire – surrounding many a base,
The security it provides -to keep others at bay,
In body and mind – oft left us the prisoners of the place.

Three Line Tales, Week 158 – 7 Feb 2019

Home and warm, we recline –
Before a cheery blaze,
Restoring us from the toils – of our busy days.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Six 7 Feb 2019

Marsh Road

A narrow way among the Broads –
Under sky wide, but shy of trees –
For Norwich’s warmth, the peat removed,
Leaving lands flat and an inland sea.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #14 13 Feb 19

Love is patient, love is kind,
Love they say, can even be blind,
Yet its simply shown in two curved lines.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Seven 14 Feb 19

three line tales, week 159: a little fellow dangling from a graffiti heart

Love it lifts you, takes you high,
Captures your breath, makes you fly,
It carries you upwards, beyond the sky.

Three Line Tales, Week 159  14 Feb 19




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