Epilogue: The Sisters Tales


Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

Owing to the limited ability of the party to transport the treasure back to the capital, none of them became fabulously wealthy by their shares.  That said, each was set up comfortably for the future.

“Madame” Gwendolyn Davies renovated the Alleys Laundry and turned its operation over to the capable hands of Thyme.  She also set up a second establishment near High Guilds which was run by Mildred, and a posh operation near Parliament which she ran herself.  Though she never remarried, it was not for want of attempts by a long string of suitors.  She became a force to be reckoned with in the business world of the capital.

Thilda and Lydeth were married in an elvish ceremony and set up an armouries firm which became the envy of all their competitors.   The star product in their line was a composite bow constructed along the design of her father’s AF3Bow.  It was trademarked as AF4Bow in his honour.  The pair enjoyed many happy years together.


Breena used her agreed ten percent to build a true hospitalry on the site of the old infirmary.  Her work among the poor and desperate brought her royal attention for the second time in her life.  She was named Lady Bright, First Baroness Backlane in the coronation honours of King Hector II.

Wilberta Small used her portion to purchase a theatre in the Low Guilds.  There she brought together a wide range of circus acts and musical entertainments, renaming it “The Temple.”

Seymour in the fine tradition retired warriors and lawmen everywhere bought an upmarket tavern on the edge of the Great Market.  The Two Axes capitalized on the legend and fame of “The Beast of the Palms.”  That said, Seymour rather than drawing pints at the bar, enjoyed serving as his own bouncer at the establishment’s door.

The Two Axes also became renowned for having the finest livery service of any inn or tavern in the entire kingdom.  The tall exotic Ralulee horse mistress also added to the mystic and draw of the “Axes.”  And mystical the tavern was, as an equally exotic clairvoyant had here “salon” on the tavern’s upper floors.  Both of these two women could at times be seen presiding over the bar, and had quite substantial personal followings.

While their “new lives” were busy, this did not mean that the companions grew apart.  The one thing agreed by them all was that they would always remain “sisters.”



The findings of the expedition included some truly remarkable items.  Though lost, the winged woman amulet, had been one of but a handful made on the Ralulee plains by an order of holy men with the sole purpose of protecting men from Succubi.  Its enchantment allowed it to draw off a Succubus’ own powers, weakening her to the point that her wiles would fail, and that she could be defeated.

The Feather Blade was of elvish construction, and carried just enough magic to allow its bearer to not tire in its use.  A warrior brandishing this blade would not fatigue, nor would the sword feel any heavier at the end of a battle than it did at its beginning.

The Life Stone had been cut in a time before the cities of men.  It had the ability to  restore the life force of one recently dead.  It did not heal the cause or causes of death, but it did allow for additional attempts at healing, or at least for last words and goodbyes.

The white crystal crown or Crown of Truth allowed the wearer to hear the “true meaning” of a speaker’s words.  This was more than mere translation, as it revealed the intention of one’s heart, not the guile of their tongues.

The golden gauntlets or Gloves of Aurile not only protected the hands of the wearer from physical blows,  but could be used by in a palms forward, outreached gesture to deflect most magical attacks as well.

The snow cloak given to Maya was woven in a time honoured fashion by members of the Snow Clan of the Mountain Elves.  It is not only extremely warm, but it has the same reflective nature as freshly fallen snow, allowing its wearer to “become one” with their background.




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