Trixner: A Roseman Tail

rosemen cover

Hugh Trixner was the only son of the famous Hans Trixner.  The elder Trixner had made a name for himself as a theatrical magician. Many of his feats were spectacular, including the public disappearance of an elephant in the Great Market. He was best known, however, for dispersing the threatening clouds on the day of Princess Adriana’s wedding day.

Hugh on the other hand was far from spectacular.  He had been released from at least two of the magical orders as “inadequate” after only brief enrollments.  In fact, he managed for all of his efforts, to only acquire the ability to make his index finger glow, and the ability to tell people what card they had chosen (as long as it wasn’t the eight of clubs).

After searching for a suitable placement for his son, Hans was finally able to call in some favours, and persuaded Detective Inspector Alfredo Magononni of the Magical Detection Branch to take on Hugh in a probationary status.

His duties largely centered on maintaining detection equipment, filing,  and the making of the tea.  He actually excelled in these, but fate did not have in in the cards (eight of clubs, or otherwise), for him to remain in this role.

Trixner was just locking up the equipment stores at the small office near the High Guilds used by the Discovery Branch, when the windows rattled and a gust of dust and swept down the street outside.  There was also a distant rumble of a muffled bang, and then there was quite an amount of confusion as people began to run past.

A few minutes passed, and he was just wondering what he should do when Magonnoni burst in.  The man was obviously shaken, and was said in a broken voice, “Trixner, get you kit.”

Young Trixner grabbed several detectors and followed after his superior towards the ruins of The Anvil.  A cordon had already been established by members of The Third, and Hugh was waved through.  He passed a fairly large debris field and about a dozen blanket shrouded bodies.

On reaching the remnants of what had been the inn’s front door he set up his first monitor.   He labelled the fragments with a card bearing the readings, and then searched for a window frame.  On finding one, he repeated the process.  After jotting his data into a notebook, he got two searchers from The Third to help him uncover the bar.  The readings here were higher, as were those from the library debris.  Unfortunately, the magical residue of all of these findings were expected, owing to the nature of the establishment.  There was, so to say, “no smoking cauldron.”

Trixner spent the rest of the evening taking readings, and then worked into the wee hours writing his report.  He may have been a rather inadequate magician, but as an operator of magical apparatus, he was second to none.

His diligence impressed Magonnoni, he after reading his report gave a rare, “Well done, Hugh.”







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