The Tour


Photo Courtesy of Susan Spaulding

The tour bus took the party to an idyllic Austrian village, in the mountains near Salzburg.

After some photo opportunities, which allowed them time to capture images of the Alps, and several picturesque “chocolate box” cottages, they were led to the village’s tiny museum.

“And here we have our prize exhibit,” the guide said proudly.  “A pair of Herr Mozart’s” shoes.  As you know he was an important composer.”

One of the party raised a hand and asked, “There were three generations of Mozarts that composed, are these Wolfgang’s, Leopold’s, or Franz Xaver’s?”

“Well,” the guide said, a little taken aback.  “There is a manuscript score next to them, so I guess we will have to check the notes.”

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Sunday Photo Fiction – February 24, 2019



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