HMS Hinchinbrook (Revisited)


I write about the Hinchinbrook in a previous  post on Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. We have since revisited the restaurant on a couple of occasions, and it seemed that a Travel Tuesday would be a good place for a more thorough review.

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HMS Hinchinbrook

This is a clean, well laid-out establishment, with booth and table type seating in the main dining room, cafe style tables near the window, and “sidewalk” seating as well.  The bar is to the left as one enters, and the cooking area is just beyond.  The opposite wall features a room length depiction of the port of Great Yarmouth.   References to Nelson, and the Hinchinbrook are in various places as well.


HMS Hinchinbrook is an especially nice seafood and grill restaurant. The welcome has been warm on each of our visits.  Some of our favourite dishes are the goujon combo with salmon, sole, and plaice.  This was served with a variety of dips and sauces (the garlic sauce was especially lovely), and a huge portion of chips.  The battered cod and chips is particularly nice as well, and is really well fried, and had a firm tasty golden batter.



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There are also various grilled dishes available, and as my wife now needs to be super low-carb, the steaks have become a new favourite option for her.

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It is a great venue to just stop into if near the Wellington Pier or Sea Life Centre.  It has some nice tea and coffee as well.

All in all, this is really high quality seafood restaurant, and it offers great value for money as well.  The service is always excellent, and we really enjoy our experiences there.



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