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“It’s not like it was before that Hillary guy came up here,” Norbu said, looking down on all of the tents.

“You’re absolutely right,” Temba agreed.  “We locals don’t get a moment’s peace anymore.”

“I think our privacy is a thing of the past, now,” Norbu lamented.

“What’s a Yeti to do?” Temba mused.

“Yea, I think I will just have join my cousins in Saskatchewan,” Norbu said, scratching his furry chest.




Pegman: Mount Everest, Nepal



The Stowe

“Why don’t the trees grow here, Grandad?”

“It’s because of the soil,” the old man responded.  “It has bad things in it.”

“Bad things?” the youngster questioned.

“Yes, this was a ‘stowe’ place in olden times,” her grandfather explained.  “The people used to gather near that big stone, there in the middle.”

“So why is the soil ‘bad?'” she prompted.

“When the invaders came, they didn’t like the people meeting, so they sowed salts, lead, and other horrible things into the ground, to make the ‘special place’ a bad one,” he said.

“That’s awful,” she said, looking down at the scrubby grass, and retreated tree-line.”

“Yes it was,” he agreed. “The people would get sick if they went to the stone.”

The little girl looked concerned and glanced at the standing stone.  “Is it dangerous for us to be here?” she asked.

“Not anymore, Darling,” he assured her.  “As you see, the grass has returned, and one day the trees will too.”

“What about the people?” she asked.

“Well Sweetie, that what we are, aren’t we?”

“I guess so,” she said.

“What happened the infadders?” she asked.

“The invaders,” he corrected.  “We drove them out centuries ago, and now we are free to meet wherever we like again.”

She squeezed his hand and smiled as if encouraged.  “And I am going to bring people here to meet, when I get big,” she said.

“You do that, Darling.  See things are growing here already.”

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Sue Vincent’s Prompt


Avatar Navi - Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


Her egrlactical was retractable, an evolutionary adaptation which saved space.   When it was withdrawn, this blue-skinned woman was beautiful (downright sexy even), and apart from the skin colour seemed every bit the human.  Her species, however, had separate orifices for breathing, eating, and drinking.


When a group of us from university were going out to celebrate the end of exams, it seemed only natural for us to invite Emunna along.  When we collected her from her digs, she was wearing a gold sequinned dress which accentuated her perfect figure, and really did turn a few heads.


It created quite a stir at the upmarket wine bar therefore, when the eighteen centimetre drinking tube suddenly appeared from her philtrum.  For some of us it was chilling reminder of her “foreignness,” to see it suddenly protruding from her face.




Tale Weaver #211 – Making Sense of Nonsense – Egrlactical

Putting the Cream in Ice Cream

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My wife’s current dietary regime requires high fat, and very low carb.  This creates some difficulty in finding “sweet” options, but I have done fairly well thus far in finding ways to meld the two.  Ice cream – or better still ice CREAM came to mind as a winning option.  This recipe was purely experimental drawing on past standard ice cream recipes from pre-cancer/pre-keto days.

It is rich, very caloric, and yummy.  My wife describes it as frozen fudge, and that might well be what it is.   If it is a little too rich, the extra cream can be replaced by milk or unsweetened soya milk and still keep the fat ratio in a good place compared to carb.


  • Extra Thick Double Cream 300 ml
  • Full Fat Cream Cheese 180 g
  • Double Cream 100 – 150 ml (as needed)
  • Egg 1
  • Pure Cocoa Powder 2 rounded Tbs
  • Stevia 3 rounded Tbs

imageedit_3_2026651974 (1)


In a mixing bowl or food processor add the extra thick cream, raw egg, and sweetener.  Mix well.  Then add the cocoa and cream cheese and mix again.  When evenly mixed make sure it is not too thick to stir.  If it is, add the double cream until it is easy to stir but not “watery.”

Pour the mixture into an ice cream churn and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  My mix took between 25 and 30 minutes to become scoop-worthy.

Dish out when finished or spoon into a freezer container for future use.  I found that once in the freezer it set very hard, and required about a 10- 15 minute wait to serve at room temperature to return to scoop consistency.




The Peach



The Peach

They say she is a Georgia Peach

All sass, and confidence exuding

Men stare at her on the beach

Their gazes oft intruding


She is a belle, and proud of that

All blonde, long legs, and more

A flirtful tilt of her broad brimmed hat

Has won her admirers by the score


She is a Georgia Peach for sure

But she is no tramp or loose

Her faith and self-respect endure

For one only – could e’r her seduce


She is a Southern girl and Christian too

To her husband – more valuable than ruby

And to her darling little girl

She is just  – “My mommy.”



Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Never Alone


Brother Derek brought us an important reminder of God’s promises this week.  He spoke on the theme of God’s everlasting presence in our lives, and that this is assured as He is true in keeping His promises.

Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28: 19-20).”  How powerful!  Jesus in His parting words to His disciples not only gives them a mission, but promises to remain with them to the end of the age!  His followers are not to be abandoned or left to fend for themselves.  This mirrors His previous declaration in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  We followers of The Way have Jesus as our companion throughout our walks.

In a parallel passage, the people of Israel were told (though it has a prophetic tie to those of us grafted in as well), “But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, you descendants of Abraham my friend, I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you.  I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you.  So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41: 8-10).”

God made a covenant with Abraham, and this was reinforced with Moses.  He (God) would be their God, and they His people.  God as we have noted is true to His promises.  People often get it wrong.  Humanity did in the garden, and even when as a group we had totally reneged on our role on Earth, God redeemed Noah.  So too, when Israel messed up (in the desert, at Ai, in the face of the Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians, etc., etc.).  He remained their God.

We can often feel abandoned.  But this is a false assumption.  Look at Israel.  They brought most all of their own misfortune in Old Testament times upon themselves.  Yet, God raised up Judges, Prophets, and Kings to lead them back.  And once again on the “straight and narrow,” they were restored.

But God then went that step further.  He sent not another mere prophet, but Messiah (His own only Son).  And why?  To die for us!  An ultimate act of compassion.  Brother Derek made an important point here.  Even this act of sacrifice was not an end point.  Yes, dying for us is beyond comprehension, but He did so because we were not merely servants but friends.  And better still, Jesus did not remain dead, but rose!

He died for us, but He then opened the gates of Heaven for us.  Death itself was defeated, and He has gone to prepare a place for us – His friends.  He is there, watching over us.  Watching over, guiding, and protecting – even to the end of the age.  We are not abandoned.

All too often though, we forget this.  We let the setbacks in life overwhelm us and make us moan or even doubt.  Jonah did. Job did.  Sadly, Judas did.  Derek reminded us, that as long as we have breath and repent, we have the faithful promise of forgiveness.  Jonah got that.  Peter got that at the lakeside, but Judas succumbed to the despair of his sin.  We need to rest on the promise.

We may again feel insignificant, but God sees us as we are, and in the relationship (remember He is with us always) lifts us up to our potential.  The shepherd boy, David, overlooked even by his own father was not overlooked by God.  He was lifted up to kingship!

So too, Job.  While abandoned by his wife, facing the judgement of his “friends,” and suffering the loss of family, wealth, and health – he was not abandoned by God.  God forbade that Job be killed, and when the man continued to be trusting, even in the face of all that beset him, God lifted him up, and restored all he had lost, and was given even more.

Stresses and trials may test us, but we can be assured – we are loved and He is with us.


The Funeral: A Roseman Tale

rosemen cover

It looked like every Watchman in the capital was on duty on the day.  It was four days since the explosion at The Anvil, and Spellman and Goodfellow were going to be laid to rest.  Notice had been made that the families wished that the funerals only be attended by the near and dear, and the appropriate representation from The Service.  To insure this, the funeral route was lined with Rosemen, and a cordon was established at the cemetery as the Watch was honouring their own.

Andy Binman stood at attention as part of the Ninth’s delegation.  As his fellow Rosies stood at parade in their freshly oiled jerkins, and black crepe tied around their arms, he noticed the evidence of the risks taken daily by a Watchman.  There stood Sergeant Lifson with a golden rose, and two bronze hearts upon his breast.  Next to him was Senior Constable Fuller with his bronze heart.  Gus Gates, the custody sergeant, and Sergeant Schribner each bore the old bronze dragon decoration for wounds received in their time on the streets in the Crestmen days.

At the grave sides, a lone hurdy gurdy-man, in his traditional harlequin pantaloons, played a sorrowful rendition of Amazing Grace.   Superintendent Magononni then presented Rob Goodfellow’s widow Sprite, and Tom Spellman’s mother folded purple rose flags.

Attached to each flag was a letter of condolence and a personal apology from King Hector.  While there should be no surprise as to the reason of condolences, the apology had to do with conduct of the memorial itself.   In order to preserve the fiction that the catastrophe was the result of a still explosion, The Service could not give the two officer’s the appropriate recognition at this time.  Therefore, it was Magononni rather than Lord Oldbridge that presented the flags.  The women would also find folded within the flags, hidden from view by prying eyes, a silver heart medal.  The king again apologised for this deception, and promised that their loss and sacrifice would be publicly acknowledged one the case was concluded.

The concerns and precautions on the part of the Service were well founded.  Two journalists had been detained, one wearing a dated Crestman’s jerkin with a hastily stitched “Rose Crest” upon it.  He was subsequently charged with “impersonating a watchmen” to set an example.  The other had been found in a tree canopy, notebook in hand, during a pre-funeral sweep by members of the Third.

These were far from the most worrying breeches, however.  To the south of the cemetery there was a black coach which loitered just beyond the line of watchmen.  It was drawn by four black horses, and had smoked windows.  When members of the watch went to move the coachman on, the vehicle sped off at speed nearly trampling two members of the “Roadies.”  Reports suggested that the same coach was seen twenty minutes later on the north of the memorial gardens.

Interestingly, no two Rosies gave the same description of the driver.  Even details of his dress varied widely among the nine watchmen that filed reports.




The Evolution of Man


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The Evolution of Man

An evolution: a rise in form,

The path to find power and privilege,

From girl child, teen, and woman grown,

Some day may they also have men’s privilege.



I found the photo prompt troubling.  While it is clear it is a portrayal of the “ascent of man” diagram (one I am in itself not a fan of), it has the developmental images staged by women.  While it may purely been owing to height to make the photo work, it nonetheless left the only male in the “top spot.”  It inspired the piece above, as I do really look forward to a day when my daughters, granddaughters and female students can enjoy the security and privileges I have had.




Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday

A Visit to Sherwood Forest

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Sherwood Oak

We stopped by here while on a trip up to the Peak District. The visitor centre signs sparked our interest so we made the detour. We arrived to find that there was a £3 (at the time) parking fee (not bad but we literally had no cash on us) so we resolved to visit on our return journey.

imageedit_8_6742407020 (1).jpg

We called back as planned on the return trip, and were mildly disappointed to find that the restaurant was closed to the public in order to cater for a wedding, and some of the other sections of the visitor centre were similarly closed. We did have a nice look around the pretty hardwood forest, and the open gift shops. We also watched the information video which was well produced and presented some interesting facts. The men’s toilets were in need for a good clean and smelled badly of urine. The stalls were cleaner, but someone had urinated in one of the sinks as well.

imageedit_9_5367669235 (1).jpg

Visitor Centre/Shop

The Robin Hood links were clear, and not overly hyped.

imageedit_6_8437876235 (1)

Robin and Little John

Not a bad visit, but not as nice of an experience as we might have hoped. Clean toilets, an alternative way to pay the parking, and more availablity of access to the public during “private” bookings would all have improved the experience.