Byron Burger: A Review


Byron Burger Bury St Edmunds

We have had several friends who told us about how wonderful Byron Burger is.  Since we had hospital appointments in Bury St Edmunds, it seemed a great opportunity to check it out ourselves.  So for this Foodie Friday, I offer my Byron Burger review.

Skinny Byron Burger with Bacon and Fries

We found the staff welcoming and we were seated quickly.  We were left with menus and given a few minutes before the server came for our drinks order.  As the drinks were served we were asked about our meal choices.  The server was proactive in asking about any allergy or dietary needs, and the order was adjusted to take these into account.

My wife’s keto centered diet was easily accommodated, with the “skinny” option which is bun-free and served with a salad.  The burger was:  “made from 100% British, grass-fed beef.  Made to our unique recipe – a blend of chuck, brisket & rib cap. Ground twice and cooked medium so they’re pink and juicy.”  This was accompanied by a cheese, bacon, and a pickle wedge, and mayonnaise was offered as the condiment.  It was well cooked, and tasty.

Beetnik Burger

I had a vegetarian Beetnik Burger.  It is described as, “a Beetroot falafel patty, [served with] baby kale, smashed avocado, tomato, pickled red onions, red pepper ketchup, and rainbow slaw.”  As far as veggie burgers go, it was pretty good.  The beetroot patty had a good firm texture and a pleasing “non-processed” flavour.   The tomato was a large slice of the “beefsteak” type, though a little less than its full ripeness.  The other toppings, however, blended well and really complemented the burger.


The sides of fries were rather typical thin “take away” chips, but the halloumi fries were a nice change.  They were not overly salty, and didn’t have a rubbery texture that halloumi sometimes takes.  The smokey bbq sauce was very tasty, and more than enough for all of the chips.

The general decor and ambiance reminded me of the New York studio apartments depicted in RomComs and US young adult TV.  Brick work, side-wall lighting, and mismatched furniture.  It was all a bit shabby chic.   It worked though.

In the final analysis, this is a nice place to eat, but not a “must write home about” experience.  It is a burger place which attitude (meant positively), but a burger place.  If you want a well above average burger it is you place, but remember it is at restaurant not Burger King prices.

It is worth a visit for an occasional treat.  8 of 10.


Byron Burger

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