Three in One

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Rushton Lodge

Three in One

Sir Thomas Tresham used the Rule of Thirds,

Speaking volumes in symbols  – not just words,

His faith was illegal, but he made his stand,

And saluted the Trinity on his land.


H2O the formula’s the same,

As gas, liquid, solid – still water it remains,

It doesn’t matter whether aqua,  ice, or steam,

Water’s still water, if you know what I mean.


So too our Creator follows a Rule of Thirds,

That He does – is not at all absurd,

As Father – He created, as Son- He did save,

And as Spirit – He guides us from cradle to grave.


So when next that picture  – you do snap,

Be sure that perspective – in threes you map,

In your balance of segments – all will see,

That you follow the example of great company.




Please see my post on Rushton Lodge

Prompt – OFMARIAANTONIA  :Rule of Thirds




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