Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 5

A rose, simple yet complex, a symbol of love – perfect.
Petal upon petal, each like love – leads a layer deeper
A dozen or one, each full of meaning and prospect.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Eight 21 Feb 19

In response to the prompt and to my wife’s cancer:

“It seemed simple, something plain –
Dull ache, indistinct –
How could such a little pain
Make me soon extinct?”

Sammi Cox’s Prompt 23 Feb 19

How shall we begin to explain what is true devotion?
A thing demonstrated and not just an emotion,
A dedication real, beyond any fancy notion.

Weekend Writing Prompt #95 – Devotion 2 March 2019


three line tales, week 162: people browsing a book stall

photo by Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

A short stroll to the corner junk shop,
A world before him, no need of train or plane,
Often the greatest journeys are in the brain.

Three Line Tales, Week 162 7 March 2019






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