Examination Interruptus

The assessment schedule had been published, and the morning of the exam had arrived.  William had woken with a sense of dread.  “I’m not ready,” he thought to himself.  “I wish there was a way around taking the test today.”

He frantically revised his notes while on the bus, but felt no more prepared by the time he arrived at school.

“Tom, are you ready for History?” he asked his mate when they met in the corridor.

“No,” Tom replied. “I started to revise, but I had football practice.”

“I’m not ready either,” Will rejoined.

As they passed their History room, they couldn’t believe their luck.  The exam answer sheets were on the front of the teacher’s desk.

Tom dropped down to “tie his shoe” right outside the room, and William went to take a closer look.

“Are the test papers there?” Tom said lowly.

“No, just the blank exam booklets,” his companion replied.

“Come here quick,” Tom said. “I have an idea.”

The two traded places, and Tom took the pile of official answer sheets and hid them behind a file cabinet.

The two then quickly made their exit.

Later, as the more diligent students were reviewing their notes, the teacher arrived with the test questions.

“Sally, will you give each person a blue answer booklet please?” He requested.

“Where are they, Sir?” she replied.

“Right at the front of my desk,” the teacher said.

“They’re not there,” she observed.

The teacher and several of the “best and brightest” spent the next ten minutes searching for the required forms.

“Okay everybody,” the educator said apologetically, “we are going to have to postpone this until next week’s class.  I really don’t know what happened to them.”

“Result!” Tom said out loud, then looked rather sheepishly down at his notes.

“Everybody, get out your workbooks, we will go ahead with the next topic,” the teacher instructed.

Later in the day,  the teacher returned from lunch to find a neatly stacked pile of exam books stacked in their original position on his desk.



Based on true events!

The Haunted Wordsmith: School Story Genre

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