Terms and Conditions Apply

three line tales, week 163: a special deal

photo by Artem Bali via Unsplash

You get twelve for only the price of a dozen –

That’s a great deal you should agree –

Offer limited to one per customer  – between

Three thirty and half past three


Don’t forget to bring the coupon –

Printed on a paper of your own –

We wont accept it if the barcode won’t scan –

So be careful when printing at home


So hurry down and join the queue –

Don’t forget to search for other bargains in store –

Don’t be late and let the person before you –

Take the last one from the display by the door




This was inspired by Three Line Tales, Week 163.  It was my immediate reaction, but I will post a proper 3 line piece to the challenge later.


10 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions Apply

  1. As consumers, we’re the victim of mind games, wherever we go. An example might be the pound can of coffee that is now only 12 oz., bathroom tissue rolls that are a half inch narrower than they used to be, etc ad adfinitum. Good write!

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  2. Charge more, give less–oh my. I enjoyed the fun you had with this. Now we can purchase a car, and have it delivered from online. I cannot articulate how wrong this is in so many ways. Yet, I’m old enough to remember when you could order a car from the Sears catalog. And I think Amazon will sell you a car.

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