The Getaway


Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

“Okay Boys, this bike share scheme is perfect for us,” Leo said to the others.

“How so, Leo?” Mugsy asked.

“Don’t you see, there are hundreds of identical bikes all over the city, so anyone  describing our getaway will say ‘they were on yellow bikes.'”

“Yes, but don’t they all have GPS trackers?” Big Tony asked.

“That’ the beauty of it,” Leo explained. “Gus, Rudy,  Little Tony and Mugsy start off from different points, nowhere near the bank. Me and you do the job, and hop on the bikes each going in a different direction.  We then met up here (pointing at a map), and here.  We switch bikes with Little Tony and Mugsy, and change direction, and they will be tracking the wrong guys  – that don’t look like us, nor have anything on them.  Then just to be safe, we switch again here with Rudy and Gus.  It’s perfect.”

“What if they work out the switches?” Gus asked.

“They never will, at least before we have made it to the van.”

“One question Boss, should we use my phone or Mugsy’s for the app?” Little Tony asked?

(190 words)


Sunday Photo Fiction – March 17, 2019


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