A Day Trip to the Lincolnshire Coast

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Skegness Clock Tower

Lincolnshire is a relatively sparsely populated county, and exploring it requires a bit of driving.  The coast offers some good beaches, and we spent a day checking this area out. 
Skegness is a typical English seaside town.  It has beach, arcades, and fair number of eateries and cafes.  We gave the windswept beach a visit and found its rugged views wonderful.
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The town’s clock tower is a really wonderful landmark, and along with several maritime public art make for some great atmosphere.
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Anchor Fountain

While there are many options for a quick drink and bite we gave the Jive Bunny Cafe, 116 Lumley Road, Skegness a try.   This is a quirky cafe with the jive theme (records on walls) and seaside arcade themes intermixed. The service was good and the place a good one for getting in some chill time.  The coffee was good, and the ambient music selection pleasurable.   The decorations of guerrillas, donkeys and such gave it a bit “Skegness” touch.
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Jive Bunny

I had read about Gerardo’s on TripAdvisor and as it was then our practice to get seaside ice creams (pre-Keto) we ame our way to 1A Victoria Road in Mablethorpe.  While it is 17 miles from Skegness, it was a pleasant enough drive, and it was well worth it for the quality of the ice cream.


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The restaurant/café was very busy, but its popularity didn’t compromise the service. We were served quickly, and attentively. The set up of the dining space is café /snack bar type, but is pleasant all the same. The quality of the ice cream (we had chocolate, cappuccino, and strawberry) was excellent. The coffee likewise was rich with out being bitter. It was a worthwhile stop, if in the area.

Sadly we couldn’t explore more of the coast on this occasion, but I do hope to check out Lincolnshire for a longer stay in the future.  All in all it was a good outing, and one which allowed us to “colour in” a little more of our UK coastal map.





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