Miscellaneous Prompted Micro Poems 6

Captured in their passing – an instant caught on film –
A moment kept forever – shadows of where they’d been –
Though memories may grow foggy, precious pictures still remain.

TLT Throwback – Year 3: Eleven 14 March 2019

three line tales, week 163: a special deal

photo by Artem Bali via Unsplash

This special offer’s made – especially for you,
It wont be ’round forever – only a day or two,
Go ahead buy one – it’s the thing you should do.

Three Line Tales, Week 163 14 March 2019

Image result for writing

For World Poetry Day

For poetry day around the world, it’s time
It is a day for rhythm and rhyme
It’s not that poems from you we will coerce
So remember it can always be verse

21 March 2019




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