Retirement in Patagonia

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“Why have we come all this way?” Edith demanded.

“Because I think there is some treasure to be found here,” he responded.

“It looks like a suburban street to me,” she insisted.

“No, really,” Donald retorted.  “I have done my research and followed all of the leads.”

“What ‘leads’?” she questioned sourly.

“Well it all started when I was watching The Princess Bride on TV.  It said, ‘the real Dread Pirate Roberts has been retired fifteen years and living like a king in Patagonia.’ He had switched his identity with a guy called Cummerbund.  And look here, the phone-book lists this address as belonging to Juan Cummerbund.”

“My God, you are crazy!” she said as he pulled her with him.

He knocked the door and drew a gun.

A tall man with a wooden leg and eye-patch answered the door.

“Captain Roberts?” Donald inquired.

Taken aback, the old man returned, “And why would you be call’n me that, Matey?”




What Pegman Saw: Patagonia, Chile


Apologies for running 9 words over

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