The Sisters Tales Release

Bk 1 Sisters Cover

In the aftermath of the Black Dunes War, the kingdom was a mere shadow of its former glory.   Although victorious, it was at all too great a cost.  Widows and orphans were to be found throughout the land.  Many of these sought a meagre existence in the capital city, swelling its population.  Much of the metropolis had descended into squalor.  This was especially true in the districts of The Alleys, and Back Lane.  It is in these latter environs that a dispirit band of women made a stand against their misfortunes, and set out to determine their own fates.  These heroic, or at least anti-heroic, souls were collectively known as “The Sisters.”

Paperback version is now released and ebook format is available for pre-order with an 1 April release.

Thank you all who supported me through draft copies on the blog, and those who provided advice.  The longer end product owes much to you.


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