The Scoop on Scoops

Ice cream is a great “holiday” food.  It has on our past travels been associated with seaside trips, and other getaways.  As far as beach fare, my childhood had been limited to Feast bars,  Cornettos, and if really lucky a Mr. Whippy soft cone.  It was my wife that introduced me to the wonders of seaside Italian style treats.

imageedit_1_7161443661 (1)

The first introduction, however, was not at the sea front but in the Welsh valleys.  Mr Creemy, Tonypandy, Wales is one of the best ice cream experiences I have had.  While ihe atmosphere of this little venue may not amount to much,  it being a small ice cream parlour in a small Welsh valley town/village. The ice cream, however, is wonderful. So much so, that we make a point of visiting whenever we are in (or even near) the Valleys.

On the latest visit I had a peanut butter ice cream in an excellent quality waffle cone with a rich cherry sauce and really good whipped cream. The portions are good-sized, the scoops tasty, and the overall feel is of luxury.  Its a place to really spoil yourself!

Image ©Padre’s Ramblings

Don Gelato’s, Aberyswtyh, Wales is on the town;’s sea front.  We stopped for a few scoops while visiting the beach for the day. The ice cream parlour is part of the Royal Pier complex and is adjoined to the Inn on the Pier.

There are multiple cone types, but ice cream/gelato flavours are the real choices to make. We had Turkish delight, strawberry, and chocolate. They were flavourful, and had a really great texture. The scoops were relatively large compared to some seafront cones we have had, and while not cheap, they are good value for money considering the quality.

There was some queuing to be served, but the quality of the ice cream was worth it, and the staff were doing their best to accommodate everyone. This really has to be the place to get your seaside cone on a summer’s day.

Cadwaladers ice cream flavours

image: Cadwaladers’ own site

Cadwaladers in Criccieth, Wales is another quality seaside venue.  We stopped in to try a few scoops and were glad we did. After all what is the beach without ice cream? But this is no ordinary ice cream. We had a scoop of custard which was the flavour of true custard, not just a hint. The Turkish Delight was bursting with yumminess as well. The pistachio was also goo, but lacked the explosive good flavour of the other two, but was still one of the better ones I have had.

Image ©Padre’s Ramblings

Candy ‘N’ Cream, Hunstanton, Norfolk is a ice cream and general sweets venue.  We have stopped there while visiting Hunstanton on several occasions.  It is convenient to the car park by the Information Centre, and is next door to Fisher’s fish shop. We have also had good experiences with the Pavilion Ice Cream Parlour in the town, but found parking closer to Candy ‘N’ Cream.

The shop is a traditional sweets shop with loads of variety, but they also serve some really good quality take-away ice cream. The shop lacks the fancy options of its neighbour down the hill, but the ice cream itself is in my opinion better. We had a nice strawberry which was very fruity, a banoffee scoop which was really well balanced and not sickly sweet, and a rich caramel/toffee scoop.

This bright pink building looks like a sweetie itself, and the entire “kid in a candy shop” experience is there. It is not a sit down for a sundae venue (like the nearby Pavilion) so it all down to what you are after.  I for one like it, however.

Image ©Padre’s Ramblings

Gorleston, Norfolk’s Dimascio is a great year round venue.  Even in the off-season the selection and quality are superb. Right before going into my wife’s Keto diet regime, we made a visit.   I had a very nice waffle cone with hazelnut, maple/walnut and strawberry cheese cake and my wife has coconut (very nice), chocolate and cherry with a flake. The quality was excellent, the flavours rich, and the texture creamy. It is a favourite when in the Great Yarmouth area.

This was just a sampling of ice cream venues, but all well worth checking out if nearby.




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