A Theatrical Meeting

Image result for booth jumping from balcony

“Dear Mr. Booth,  I feel honored that you have found the time to correspond with me, and have felt free to share your honest criticisms of my administration.  I hold this to be your inalienable right as a citizen of our great republic, and while we may continue to differ on the ways and means of the conduct of this terrible conflagration besetting our nation, I do humbly concede that I may not always get things right.  It is with that said that I hold out hope for a swift and amicable resolution to our present malaise.  On a more personal note, I feel that I must congratulate you on your recent fine performance as Duke Pescara.  Sincerely, Abraham Lincoln.”

“To The Honorable Abraham Lincoln,  I thank you, Sir, for your kind words on my performance.  I as always found the stage at Ford’s to be ideal for my performances and beneficial to my career and aims.  Am I to understand that you, Sir, are planning to soon patronize that fine venue?  If so, it might make for an opportunity for us to sort out our differences.  I remain your humble servant, J. W. Booth.”

“Dear Mr Booth,  Miss Mary Todd and I do indeed plan on viewing a production of Taylor’s Our American Cousin in April, if time and duties permit.  Such a meeting as you propose may well prove memorable.  I will have my secretary, Mr. Hay, send you particulars.  Sincerely yours, Abraham Lincoln.”

“To The Honorable Abraham Lincoln,  I, Sir, am in receipt of correspondence from Mr. John Hay, and I am eagerly awaiting our encounter at Ford’s on the fourteenth instant.  Sincerely, J. W. Booth.”


Genre Writing Challenge #25:  Epistolary Fiction
(stories constructed as a series of letters exchanged between characters)

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