Cheese and Bacon Keto Crackers

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I recently posted a recipe for making snack crackers from slices of cheese.  Since the original posting, I have experimented with various varieties of cheese and added herbs.  One of the best combos to come out of this has been Cheese and Bacon with (or without) a light sprinkling of herbs.   Gouda is an excellent cheese for this as it crisps well and is very low carb.


  • Gouda Cheese Slices 5
  • Bacon 1 rasher
  • Ground Black Pepper sprinkle
  • Ground Basil sprinkle


Place a sheet of grease proof paper onto a baking sheet. Preheat an oven to 150 C/ 300 F. Cut each cheese slice into 4 pieces and arrange on the baking sheet with a clear gap between pieces. Sprinkle each piece with a pinch of the herbs.  In a frying pan or grill crisp the piece of bacon.  Allow bacon to cool slightly then crumble or finely dice.   Add a tiny portion of the bacon to each cheese piece.  Bake in oven for twenty minutes, then remove.  Allow to cool slightly then slide a spatula under each piece and flip it to a clean section of the baking paper. [If not satisfied with crispness] return to the oven for an additional ten minutes (or until crisping brown in the corners).  Remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature.


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