The Picnic’s Over

SPF March 30 19

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

“What a weird place,” the teenaged Justin observed.

“Yeah”, twelve-year-old Janey agreed.  “Why are there old tables, like, out in the middle of nowhere?”

“They are for picnics,” their Grandma explained.

“What are picnics?”  Janey queried.

“It’s when people take their food and eat outside,” Gran said.

“Like cavemen?”  Janey asked wide-eye.

“No modern people, like us,” the grandmother explained.

“That’s just lame.” Justin said looking dismissively at the wooden tables.  “You could get diseases or something.”

“Don’t they have homes to eat in?” Janey asked with some concern.

“Of course they do, Janey,” Gran said.

“Then why outside?” Janey again pressed.

“So they can enjoy nature, and play games while they eat,” Grandma said.

“Play games, way out here?” Justin said incredulously. “There’s no place to even plug a game’s console in.”

“And there wouldn’t be a good signal,” Janey agreed.  “It’s, like a million miles from civilisation.”

“Gran, we don’t like it here, can we go home now?” Justin pleaded.

“Yeah, please!” Janey said in agreement.

So the the trio turned around and walked the twenty meters to the parking lot of the city park.


Sunday Photo Fiction

8 thoughts on “The Picnic’s Over

  1. The picnic is over even before it started!! Nice tale Padre, just shows that modern times’ children do not seem to appreciate the outdoors, fresh air, card and board games which do not have to be played on a device…

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