Out Of The Shadows


imageedit_4_6272576797 (1)

It was nearly dusk, not yet night.  An eerie calm had fallen upon the wood.  The trees that had given refreshing shade in the noonday sun, now provided an ominous darkness, creating a world of shadow.

Tanvi was uncomfortable with the change, yet she knew that her destiny lay within this wood.

“How much further?” she thought to herself, and the air itself seemed to close-in around her.  She clutched tightly onto her staff, and started at even the slightest sound from the forest.

“Only the creaking of trees, or maybe a fox,” she whispered in an attempt to soothe her own nerves.

Then there in the midst of the wood, she saw the stone ring amid the woodland shadows.  She hurried forward into the midst of the stones and quickly dug a small hole in which she placed the seed her grandmother had instructed her to plant.  She then stepped back and waited, as darkness fell.




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