A New Start

imageedit_6_9358982771 (1).jpg

Polish UFO Base

Tinyan wasn’t sure of this “new beginning.”  Yes, Alrad Three was dying, and there wasn’t much point in trying to hang on there.  The beautiful blue trees has started to succumb to all manner of diseases and seldom fully developed lush canopies, but he wasn’t sure he liked these green ones.  There was just something off about them.

And the water here tasted funny.  It didn’t have that bold sulfuric taste of the fresh water back at home.  But then again “fresh” was a term that almost no one used anymore for water back on Three.   Plastics, that was the problem.  Millions of parts of nano-plastic had really gotten into everything.  The great red whales had died out first, then many of the sea birds, the oceans were now dead.

The International Parliament came up with a plan; a plan they hadn’t thought through.  But they were desperate, and grasped at straws.  Eight ships would be launched, with selected breeding pairs of Alradians, to four distant planets which the computer models suggested might provide a place for the “new start.”

Tinyan and his partner, Loni were assigned to Ship Four bound for a small world on an outer arm of the Milky Way.  This little blue planet would be their new home.  Little did the boffins back on Three know that it was already inhabited, and many of the Alradian mistakes were already being made.




2019 Photography Challenge: A Small World Photo from Poland. What it is I don’t know, but the guide said it was a UFO base.

Genre challenge: Eco-thriller This is a reverse eco-thriller where we are the environmental threat.

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